Well, it’s official.  After 10 months, 525,600 phone calls, and about a billion emails, I have finally signed on the dotted line and received the deed to my home.  It’s not really a new home- I’ve live here with my boyfriend, Ronn, and feline roommate, Dexter, for a little over 2 years as a renter.  Our landlord was nice enough to sell it to me for a fair price, and you guys, I have so many plans for this condo.

Having lived here for a while already, I have a unique perspective in the DIY blogger world.  I’ve had PLENTY of time to longingly stare at these mustard-colored walls, our broken window, and our partially non-working appliances, daydreaming of how gorgeous this place could some day be.  The time has come, my friends, and I’m ready.

So here is a list of my initial plans, and blog posts to come.  I promise to keep you updated with plenty of befores & afters, DIY instructions, inspiration boards, and Home Tours, if you promise to stay tuned.  I may come back and add to or edit this list as I go:

Guest Room Plans

  • convert the closet into a desk space for my grad student
  • get rid of the godawful paint color
  • hang new curtains
  • simplify and organize
  • upgrade the bed or upholster the current one

Guest Bathroom

  • Hang new mirror
  • paint (stripes?)


  • upgrade appliances (Craigslist is a beautiful thing)
  • backsplash
  • upgrade counter tops
  • fix lighting issues
  • get new faucet

Living Room/ Dining Room

  • no more mustard
  • create bar area
  • create art area
  • get chandelier
  • fix broken window
  • update blinds (I’m thinking bamboo?)
  • test for mold and have the vents professionally cleaned

Master Bedroom

  • create a painting for above the bed
  • Craigslist some new furniture
  • create a new headboard
  • change out fan and add a chandelier

Master Bath

  • Paint a fun color (poppy?  coral?)
  • Remove broken shower doors and install a curtain
  • hang art and a shelf

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